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November 2018 release


Major Upgrades highlighted here:

AuthenticationNo changev2.4.0
ST Enterprise (iOS)No changev1.2.0
Scantrust (Android)v1.6.2v1.5.1
Scantrust (iOS)No changev2.4.1

The Scantrust Platform is updated continuously. Release notes are created when there is a substantial workflow for feature change that is not backward compatible or when a sufficient number of small changes exist that can be summarized. These changes are accompanied by a major or minor version number change. App updates are bundled with these releases, but also have their own release notes when released separately.

Notable Features & Updates

This list includes important and interesting changes or features. More detail change lists affecting feature changes and updates can be found in the individual component change list appendix.

Transfer of Ownership by Reel

This feature facilitates a Scantrust Engineer to perform transfer of codes from one company to another.


Camera V2 (Android)

Allows a better control of the capture process and the capture quality.

Individual Component Change List

A more detailed list of the substantive changes affecting each component.

Frontend v1.18.0

  • [Site Admin]Adds Transfer of Ownership by Reel feature under Bundles section
  • [Site Admin]Adds filter to search bundles with Serial Number of the label on the reel under Bundles section
  • Adds new system user role Basic Dashboard User who can have access only to Dashboard Overview section
  • Adds new system user role Dashboard User who can access all sections of Dashboard:Overview,Maps and Scan Data
  • Add links to products in list view of campaigns
  • Option to create a Basic (default) STC for all new campaigns
  • Allow customization of the wechat follow page & slide show page
  • Changes the layout of the redirect options
  • User friendly mobile portal
  • Updated translations for Chinese, Dutch, German and French
  • Add link to Google Play and HuaWei app store for STE app
  • Adds redirect to Define Region group after creating region group
  • Renames "Consumer" tab to "Redirect" tab
  • Removes Google Analytics and GeoLocation option under Authentication tab for Campaign settings
  • Updates Portal Help Desk (Zendesk) link
  • Fixes discrepancies in User system Roles and Permissions
  • Fixes incorrect error message for adding user with already registered email
  • Fixes case sensitive codes lookup of a code under campaigns via serial or via extended id
  • Fixes validation error messages on ADD USER
  • Fixes open work order record under Products
  • Fixes Alerts page with very long names or email
  • Fixes some icons in WO's history
  • Fixes change of region name to be updated soon without refreshing page
  • Fixes Save on adding few categories to SmartLabel
  • Fixes Filters on Intended markets and clear filter
  • Fixes issues with saving filters when navigate back from Code tracking details
  • For scans from ST app ,scan details card on dashboard maps for SID code displays as ”Authentication” instead of "3rd Party lookup"
  • Fixes product reference when user add product before brand.
  • Fixes redirection on return to the same page after code tracking
  • Fixes number of scans is not displayed properly on the training page
  • Fixes issues for Wechat Follow Page and Slideshow Page
  • Fixes URL for parts of pages that show not secure warning message on browser
  • Fixes double scans on Dashboard when scanning codes using Facebook app
  • Fixes alignment of text in the table on Production Report
  • Fixes Top Country List in Dashboard Overview
  • Fixes pagination issues with “Go to Page’ on Codes Created, Dashboard and Bundles.
  • Fixes Incorrect country names
  • Fixes Production Report Issues
  • Fixes UI issues on Maps and Code Tracking details
  • [Site Admin] Fixes STC Lookup and SMS copy icon
  • [Site Admin] Adds copy icon for "Extended id" on Scan details tab
  • [Site Admin] For Codes Created tab, filter lists for product contains product name and SKU details
  • [Scantrust SITE] Fixes Request a demo Form


Android Scantrust Enterprise

  • Adds Spanish language
  • Camera API V2 Update and Fixes
  • Improved UI design for Work Orders section
  • Adaptive icons for Android 8+
  • Removes "Shipping Center" feature
  • Flashlight function for Authenticate and Quick scan.
  • Fixes discrepancies in system roles and permissions
  • SCM screen improvements
  • Fixes UI issues

Android Scantrust

  • New UI for scan results, which includes replacement of the current VERIFIED result to ACTIVE CODE
  • Camera API V2 Update and Fixes
  • Added support for Samsung S9/S9+ phones
  • Fixes camera preview on supported and unsupported phones
  • Removes 'Warning' title in pop up message for quit app
  • Fixes 'Maximum history size reached' pop up for more than 50 scans received in History section.
  • Remove 'Warning' title in quit app pop up dialog box.
  • 404 request logic
  • Updated for languages: Chinese /Spanish /French /German /Dutch(nl)
  • Minor UI issues

Pls note that apps on phones Samsung Galaxy Note 5,S6,S7,OnePlus5 perform better with Cam V1 API compared to V2 and hence they are enforced to use old camera API version.