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January 2020 release


Major Upgrades highlighted here:

Scantrust Enterprise (Android)v1.8.1v1.8.0
Scantrust (Android)v1.10.1v1.10.0
Scantrust Enterprise (iOS)v1.7.0v1.6.0
Scantrust (iOS)v2.5.2v2.5.0

The Scantrust Platform is updated continuously. Release notes are created when there is a substantial workflow for feature change that is not backward compatible or when a sufficient number of small changes exist that can be summarized. These changes are accompanied by a major or minor version number change. App updates are bundled with these releases, but also have their own release notes when released separately.

Notable Features & Updates

This list includes important and interesting changes or features. More detail change lists affecting feature changes and updates can be found in the individual component change list appendix.

Scan Count Alert and Auto-Blacklist

  • A Brand Owner (Admin) can set up and receive alerts if a unique code gets scanned for n number of times (can be adjusted) in the market over the lifetime of the product.
  • Once this number has been reached, you can also prevent further scans from giving a "Verified"/"Active Code" response by Blacklisting the code.

Duplicate a Campaign

A brand owner can now duplicate a campaign with its settings into a newly created campaign. Products required for that campaign can be added later as they will not be copied while duplicating the campaign.

Update on Small codes

Small codes support for Authentication and in Printing Production QA is available in ST app and STE app

Individual Component Change List

A more detailed list of the substantive changes affecting each component.

Frontend v1.21.1

  • Adds feature to Duplicate a Work Order
  • Adds feature to Duplicate a Campaign with its settings
  • Adds campaign name in Code info section of Code tracking details
  • Map view on zooming out
  • Displays "None" for a Product that has no campaign
  • Fixes scan data (filtered by product) that included scans from other product
  • UI issue when WO is being cancelled
  • Removes arrows for sorting on Campaign - Codes Page
  • Fixes issue with displaying archiving substrates for a Printing Partner
  • Cosmetic issues


Android Scantrust Enterprise v1.8.1

  • Regular Expression validation also available when using Manage Logistic Unit
  • Fixes Crash on Android v5.1
  • Fixes issue with switching to other languages
  • Upload log: Fixes incorrect child codes quantity

Android Scantrust v1.10.1

  • Fixes issue to synchronize full QR image at the backend

iOS Scantrust Enterprise v1.7.0

  • Adds Upload Log to log SCM uploads. After user scan and submits SCM data, SCM async tasks start running in background.The user can later check the status of uploads from “Upload Log”. Range scan works same as before but SCM upload logs with it will not be available in the Upload Log at the moment

  • Updates Mobile API version

iOS Scantrust v2.5.2

  • Updates Mobile API version

Backend v2.10.1

  • Mobile API v105(minimum)
  • STE Tasks v2 - JSON Schema
  • Max scan count alert & auto blacklisting
  • Mobile version 108 (workorder list has blur_threshold)