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December 2020 release


Major Upgrades highlighted here:

scantrust portalv1.25.3v1.25.2
scantrust backendv3.3.0v3.2.0

The Scantrust Platform is updated continuously. Release notes are created when there is a substantial workflow for feature change that is not backward compatible or when a sufficient number of small changes exist that can be summarized. These changes are accompanied by a major or minor version number change. App updates are bundled with these releases, but also have their own release notes when released separately.

Notable Features & Updates

This list includes important and interesting changes or features. More detail change lists about feature changes and updates can be found in the individual component change list appendix.

Workorder Templates - Adds Extended Id Style & URL prefix

Scantrust Engineers can add a "Custom Prefix" to the WO template. Brand owners can then create the workorder with the custom prefix by selecting that workorder template.

Downloaded workorder files will have the following changes:

  • manifest.json has the adjusted field “url_prefix”
  • codes.csv column “full_url” is updated with the url_prefix

The templates now also support ID Style.

The default is set as Legacy which means codes in a workorder will be created with the extended_id as it was before (24-32) characters alphanumeric uppercase depending on the code type) [0-9A-Z]

Set it as Compact: codes in a workorder will be created with a new shorter extended-id format is used (12 characters), alphanumeric upper AND lower case with the addition of the URL-safe “-” and “*” characters [0-9A-Za-z_-]

Update Products via CSV

A CSV upload tool is integrated into the portal to enable the product information update.

New User roles: Portal Lite and IT Admin

Lite User

  • Weekly-digest
  • View/Edit products
  • STC-Lite
  • Picked up by AppCues to show tailored content

IT Admin

  • Edit Users
  • Teams
  • Campaigns

Individual Component Change List

A more detailed list of the substantive changes affecting each component.

Frontend v1.25.3

  • Add custom URL prefix and new extended id styles
  • Adds New User roles: Portal Lite and IT Admin
  • Adds option to update the products info via CSV upload
  • Improved code T&T page with scm data available in the sidebar
  • Updates System roles and permissions
  • Able to open certain links within the portal like filtered scans and code tracking into new tabs
  • Product can autocomplete on workorder creation page
  • UI update on work order creation page - while adding the code quantity, auto show spaces every 3 digits.
  • Adds in WO summary to show if workorder has serialized SG or not
  • Adds download CSV option in the product card


  • FP serialised = TRUE can only be set for serialized SG workorder and not for static SG and hybrid SG workorder types
  • Scans are updated/refreshed immediately as they occur, on the Code tracking details page
  • Fixes UI scroll issue at the end of the current page in the product list.
  • Fixes issue with the intended market not marked on the map
  • Fixes issue with Campaign: Alert tab
  • Fixes issues on Activity Log