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August 2023 release


Scantrust portalv1.41.1v1.40.0
Scantrust Backendv4.10v4.9.0

Individual Component Change List

Scantrust Portal v1.41.1

Added code ingestion feature.

This feature will be available to registered companies in the Scantrust system with code spaces enabled on the Work Orders page.

We've introduced features within the portal:

  • Code Upload: the portal enables you to upload your custom codes conveniently using CSV or Excel formats.
  • Code Ingestion History.
  • Ingestion Status Tracking: Users can view the status in the ingestion history and will also receive an email with the updated information regarding successful ingestion or an error.

  • Error Visibility: Easily access information about any errors that occurred during code ingestion.

  • Enhanced (Meta)Data Integration: Responding to user demands, we've included the capability to embed additional metadata, such as SKU or batch numbers, directly into the extended_id.

There are two modes available for SSC codes.

1) Pre-print: Codes will be uploaded to the WO by the BO before going to PP. In this case, the PP has not confirmed the WO when codes are uploaded and will only get notified to do so when the codes have been successfully ingested for this WO by the BO.

2) Post-print: In this case, a workorder is made with a couple of ST generated codes. The PP is notified as usual and gets the FP image and prints custom ID’s. These ID’s are later uploaded to this WO while it is in state ready-to-print/printed/completed.

Code ingestion for SSC requires prior creation of a Workorder template and then the Workorder.

Backend v4.10

GS1 Extended IDs are now supported during all uploads, but should only be used for SIDs. Proper functioning SSCs will require changes to the apps, as well as code generation to allow larger QR codes.

New Features

  • Code Ingestion v2.1.

  • Added support for uploading GS1 identifiers.

  • Added redirect simulation endpoint and tests.

  • Made salutation (Mr, Ms, etc) optional when registering.

  • Added QR length check when ingesting SSC codes for pre-print.

  • Added auth result condition (intelligent redirects).

  • Added cal-check-brands and cal-check-products API for STIS.

  • Added has_qa_scans flag on STE company detail.

  • Added Django session timeout and expire in 1800 seconds.

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • [OPS] Added workorder_id to scans_csv.

  • [OPS] Improved STE Scans list.

  • [OPS] Improved STE UAT endpoint.

  • [OPS] Added improvements to the STE membership views.

  • Improved redirect engine and fix 'Undefined' issue.

  • Added ability to filter by 'no active plan' to the STE admin.

  • Added upload_eligible filter for WO (ingestion).

  • Renamed certain redirect condition variables.

  • Fixed issue with filtering on campaign SCM field route.

  • Allowed integer code ids in ingested json files.

  • Removed consumer_options.is_enabled restriction for STC.

  • Fixed spelling issue with filterset_fields.

  • Added rule_id in simulation endpoint for redirects.

  • Fixed filter_none function to correctly return tuple.

  • Fixed Paddle raw data save for Subscription Data.

  • Reformatted code using black.