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scantrust portal1.42.014-12-2023


Portal Enterprise v 1.42.0

  • Added Scan History Report.

The dashboard allows users to track and analyze scans, codes, campaigns, and products with detailed breakdowns segmented by date, geolocation, app, and device brand. Gain valuable insights into scan performance, including status, and failure reasons analysis, to fine-tune your strategies and campaign management. Scan History Report is available on the dashboard page.

The Scan History Report is now accessible on the dashboard page. It's important to note that this report does not have the same limitations as the current dashboard, removing the 2000 scan limit for maps.

To obtain the report, you need to navigate to the Dashboard in the menu and then select the Scan History Report tab.

  • Added new e-label registration page.

Redesigned the registration page for e-label users:

  • Added Amplitude events to the registration page.

  • Passed UTM parameters to Amplitude events.

  • Updated SaaS T&C and Privacy Policy pages.

  • Added an error message for file generation exceeding 1 GB on Codes Created page.

  • Added Directory sync field to create SSO on the admin page.

  • Fixed code transaction details.

  • Added workorder creation using workorder template endpoint.