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scantrust portal1.40.002-06-2023


Portal Enterprise v 1.40.0

  • Added a new registration page for e-label SaaS portal and Enterprise portal

With the goal of increasing the conversion rate of visits to registrations, we have updated the SaaS portal registration page. We have incorporated key selling points of our e-label solution based on feedback from our customers. Please note that this is not the final version; we plan to continue iterating on the page to make the registration process quick and seamless for our users.

We have also revamped our Enterprise registration page to provide a clearer distinction between registering for e-label and Enterprise. Additionally, we now offer a way for leads who have not been in contact with Sales to easily get in touch. We have also clarified the distinction between the roles of a printing partner and a brand owner. These improvements aim to address the issues where prospects were registering instead of contacting Sales, users were confused about which role to select during registration, and it was difficult for visitors to return to the homepage after landing on this page. We also addressed the problem of e-label customers accidentally registering for Enterprise.

  • Added translations (French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch) for this page.