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scantrust portal1.37.011-11-2022


  • Added scan_id, country, scan_result in the dropdown list of adding dynamic fields to URLs.
  • Added total scan count on the code T&T page
  • Added dynamic app name to admin scan tab page and admin T&T page.
  • Updated instruction text in products CSV upload.
  • Added company id on partnerships page.
  • Updated Registration & Password Reset Messages on the portal.
  • Hided no_access role on Users & teams page.
  • Fixed Help center for Inspector user.
  • Aligned columns on User page.
  • Renamed "Bundle Range Update" to "Range Scan Update" on Transaction Details page.
  • Removed https for custom URL field.
  • Fixed UAT token creation for STE & normal users.
  • Fixed product filter on dashboard to search beyond the 100 limit.
  • Fixed product selection on the workorder form.
  • Removed bypass section & range scan switcher on campaign settings app tab.
  • Fixed grammar mistake on create work order page.