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scantrust portal1.36.013-09-2022


  • Adds template id to WO info card
  • Fixes product multi level JSON data
  • Fixes Code ID Style in WO template duplication
  • Fixes Back button on product CSV upload
  • Fixes code space URL in company info
  • Removes the extra slash in company info
  • Adds an indicator and validation for title field on registration page
  • Changes default http to https on all URL fields
  • Fixes header in product download CSV template
  • Fixes duplicate worlds on regions page
  • Fixes error message on registration page
  • Loads scan app name dynamically on the dashboard
  • Changes min zoom on regions map and dashboard map
  • Adds new errors to upload products by CSV
  • Adds default icon to scan application on dashboard page
  • Fixes SKU filter on dashboard