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scantrust portal1.27.008-06-2021


Scantrust QR Manager can generate QR codes for you quickly.The current mechanism on our platform to create codes was intended for serialized codes and requires a complicated set of steps for non-serialized codes. With the QR manager feature, Brand Owners and ST Support Engineers can easily create and download non-serialized SID(Scantrust identifier) QR codes. These can then be integrated into their packaging in a user-friendly way without the need for a lot of training or operational support.


  • Configuration page on portal "QR Manager"
  • Supports CSV upload with product information in it
  • Not intended for more than 1000 codes
  • Designing a code with a preview on the page

As a brand manager:

  • Log in to the portal and easily navigate to QR Manager from side menu (Based on a Company's Enterprise plan, this feature will be enabled)
  • Select products available in the company or more new products by “Add new Product” on the spot.
  • Bulk selection/Selection via CSV upload possible
  • Shows the non-serialized SID codes under each product with the associated information (date created, Analytics , Redirection settings and Hierarchy parameters)
  • Tap “Get QR codes” to generate codes from active codes available in the company
  • Codes can also be transferred to another product
  • Download the files

    • Choose the file format:
      • JPG, PNG, TIF, SVG, EPS, PDF
    • Choose DPI (SVG/TIFF/EPS/PDF only)
  • Naming convention: default + a way to include some of the fields in the naming convention, example: {brand}-{sku}-{name}-{extended_id}-{version}-{error_correction}-{encoding}-{scale}-{dpi}-{quiet_zone}.{image_format}

  • A zip file with the images is downloaded and it contains the files with the right naming convention

  • This feature is intended for non-serialized SID codes only and does NOT replace the current workorder template / workorder process for serialized and/or SSC codes

  • This is an enterprise plan feature and can only be enabled by a Scantrust Engineer.

Other Changes/Bug Fixes :

  • Adds scan id to scan info pop-up dialogue on Maps
  • Removes train fingerprint button (function) from the portal as the endpoint /api/v2/ste/train/ has been removed from the backend. Core tech uses separate tools and endpoints. The fingerprint page for admin is still available.
  • Adds workorder ID column and its filter on Dashboard scan data
  • Fix issue with number of codes while generating a static workorder
  • Fixes issue with pagination on available downloads in Codes Created page
  • Fixes issue with work order info for SID codes to set activated codes when completed
  • Fixes grammar for Quantity in workorder info section
  • Fixes UI issue with Region header on Regions page
  • Fixes UI issue with the top countries list on Dashboard
  • Updates DOW to Dupont on Dashboard
  • Updates Heatmap to display scan count on dashboard
  • Fixes issue with error on campaigns
  • Fixes issue with Product filter on Dashboard