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scantrust portal1.26.206-05-2021


  • Adds new workorder & code type filters on codes created page
  • Include blacklist reason and WO ID in the FE report as well as the download CSV


  • Removes “bypass scan result” feature for campaign. Bypass is ON by default and  only STE (Scantrust Engineer) has rights to toggle this feature.
  • Fixes maximum number of ticks and gridlines to show
  • Adds buffer to line chart on dashboard Fixes filter by user on dashboard
  • Fixes the calibration session view filter for the existing accepted session based on the substrate.
  • Fixes recipients list on the campaign alert tab Fix issues with approve calibration session
  • Fixes search feature on Code Tracking Details page Fixes notes in calibration sessions
  • Fixes copy button on Scan detail page and Code Tracking Details page
  • Updates warning message for Product csv upload
  • Fixes search feature issues on Code Tracking Details page
  • Cosmetic fixes for Dashboard track and trace