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scantrust portal1.25.329-12-2020


  • Add custom URL prefix and new extended id styles
  • Adds New User roles: Portal Lite and IT Admin
  • Adds option to update the products info via CSV upload
  • Improved code T&T page with scm data available in the sidebar
  • Updates System roles and permissions
  • Able to open certain links within the portal like filtered scans and code tracking into new tabs
  • Product can autocomplete on workorder creation page
  • UI update on work order creation page - while adding the code quantity, auto show spaces every 3 digits.
  • Adds in WO summary to show if workorder has serialized SG or not
  • Adds download CSV option in the product card


  • FP serialised = TRUE can only be set for serialized SG workorder and not for static SG and hybrid SG workorder types
  • Scans are updated/refreshed immediately as they occur, on the Code tracking details page
  • Fixes UI scroll issue at the end of the current page in the product list.
  • Fixes issue with the intended market not marked on the map
  • Fixes issue with Campaign: Alert tab
  • Fixes issues on Activity Log