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scantrust portal1.19.009-10-2019

Features & Changes

  • Portal now supports Async SCM Upload
  • Adds warning msg prevent update or extended_id or serial number if present in CSV file
  • Adds description for SCM on T&T sidebar
  • Adds WO id column to production report page
  • Adds SCM data & code data to track and trace sidebar
  • Adds a message when can't find the calibrated printer while creating a work order
  • Add countries filter on the dashboard sidebar
  • Cannot download work orders which have state "Completed"


  • Sorting on work order, users and admin page
  • Fixed filter on Codes Created to have option "All campaigns"
  • Possible to remove value from SCM details while editing code SCM detail from portal
  • Fixes issue with extended id and serial number filter on codes created page
  • Download for substrate specific proofsheet will be unavailable if substrate is archived
  • Adds lowercase to filter SKU on dashboard scan data tab
  • Fixes issues with graphs on the dashboard for Total Scans
  • Fix UI issue when adding a new substrate on Printing Equipment
  • [Admin]Removed clear button for Filter on session tab
  • [Admin]Add filters (company, equipment, status) to admin sessions tab