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scantrust portal1.18.307-05-2019


  • Static code type now referred as "non-serialized"
  • Printing Partner can no longer edit remarks for Work Order
  • Updates to new Scantrust Download Page


  • Fixes download button UI issue for WorkOrder when logged in as Print Admin
  • Fixes User search
  • Fixes issue with filter results based on Branch in Dashboard-Overview section
  • Fixes issue with filter results when applied filter has less than N page of scan
  • Fixes UI for Users page on Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Fixes notification displayed to the user account on Company info Page if their account has not been verified yet
  • Fixes New Invitation notification to be clickable
  • Links on Product available in Work Order page to edit a product
  • Design alignment for Company Info Page for Brand Owner and Printing Partner
  • Fixes issue with the download Work Order blinking icon
  • Intended markets now display Region name
  • Fixes number of entries on all pages for substrate section
  • For a Product with no campaign , disables redirection on tap NONE