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scantrust portal1.16.55-3-2018

Containing changes

  • "custom region" or "country list" label for type of the region group

  • Site Admin:For Scan Details section-extended_id added to the scan details (first 8 characters and simplified scan uuid(first 8 characters)with a copy icon (copies full uuid).

  • Site Admin:Two views added Users List and User Detail

  • Scan RESULT shown in STE and Dashboard-Scan Data, Code Tracking aligned with definition Scan Results Organization.

  • Download CSV with Serial Numbers fixed

  • Profile information fixed with long title

  • Pop up modified for registering a product without having any brand

  • Archive region groups

  • Display opened Region Group name

  • Display “DEFINE YOUR REGION GROUPS” in header for Region group section

  • Ability to restore archived regions fixed

  • System message fixed on recover user

  • Fixed long SKU text display when added new product

  • Long user names wrapping fixed in sidebar

  • Long email id display fixed

  • Site Admin:Administer button available when scale 100%