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Getting Started

The Scantrust Admin Rest API is the default way in which all the apps, portal and mobile landing pages communicate with the backend. In order to access this API, developers need to obtain the following:

  1. A valid activated company account on the Scantrust Enterprise Portal
  2. A user within that company with sufficient access rights to access the required information. Typically this will be user with at least the SCM User Role in order to do SCM uploads, but other configurations with different access rights are alo available (SCM Admin, Brand Manager etc.
  3. That user must then create a User Authorization token. Using a User Authorization Token is recommended as it gives fine-grained control over what in information can be accessed by the automation.
  4. This User Authorization token must then be used for all requests to the REST API.

Endpoint and Features

The public-facing REST API endpoints can be accessed at for testing. For production, use

The admin api can be used for several common use-cases:

  1. Creating Products and assigning codes to those products
  2. Updating other code-information such as serial number and activation status
  3. Assign data to SCM fields to enable track and trace
  4. Generating Codes with Work Orders
  5. Download Scan Data
  6. Download Code data (of activated / blacklisted codes)

Network details

For more restricted enterprise environments, see the Network Access Details on how to configure the appropriate network access.

Code examples

We have also included one Javascript code example to get you started:

Should you need other samples, please contact support to ask one of our friendly developers for help. :)