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ios scantrust enterprise4.5.023-10-2023

Containing changes

New Features:

  • Added Scanner settings page.

To provide users with more control and flexibility, we've introduced a dedicated settings page specifically tailored to Scanner-related settings.

Scanner Settings Page:

We've implemented a Scanner Settings page where users can customize their scanning experience. This page offers two key options designed to optimize scan speed according to individual preferences.

Option 1: Faster Scan for Tasks (Default: Off):

This is a boolean switch allowing users to enable or disable faster scanning for tasks.

When turned on, it reduces the scan delay between each scan, ensuring a quicker scanning process.

Option 2: Scan Delay (Default: 1.5 seconds):

Users can now adjust the scan delay according to their needs.

The scan delay is represented as a dropdown list with values ranging from 0.0 to 2.0 seconds.

Setting the delay to 0.0 means there will be no pause between scans, resulting in near-instantaneous scanning.

Increasing the delay to 2.0 seconds means users will experience a 2-second pause between scans, allowing for a more controlled scanning pace.