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Getting Started

The Scantrust Mobile SDKs provide tools to build custom mobile apps capable of authentication the Scantrust Secure Codes.

Currently, Scantrust has official integrations with Android and iOS



The SDKs are built with simplicity in mind, so that integrating the Scantrust Scan Engine is accessible to just about anyone with minimum development skills.


The proposed Scanning UI features allow customisation in order to fit with your design work.

Custom App Registration

Before you start coding you will need:

  • Get a company registration and an active company on either the Scantrust Prod or Staging Platform
  • Contact support
  • Obtain your personal license key from Scantrust
  • Collect the Github user-id's of your devs which should have access
  • Register your devs with their github-id's by contacting support
  • Download the right SDK for your platform

Get Started with

The Scantrust Mobile SDK supports two environments:

  1. Android
  2. iOS