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The DeviceManager is a compatibility manager and a utility class that is used to access the phone’s state/compatibility in relation to:

  • Scantrust’s Secure Graphic authentication (isDeviceSupported)
  • Request/check access to camera (requestPersmissionForCamera and isAuthorizedForCamera)
  • Device details like model, Name, OS and version


STLocationManager is a singleton utility class to take of all geo location service methods on top of CLLocationManager. Use this class to get the authorization status of location permission, ask for authorization, start updating as well as stop updating the location pooling.

  • lastKnownLocation - returns the last known location fetched by CLLocationManager
  • startUpdatingLocation and stopUpdatingLocation - start and stop the location pooling
  • isAuthorized - returns the authorization status of location permission
  • requestAuthorization - ask for authorization for location permission