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API Error Handling


When dealing with a web API such as the Scantrust API, it is important to deal with errors accordingly. Several industry standard errors may occur during calls to our API. This document summarizes those errors and how to deal with them.

Traditionally each error response has a status code and a response body (additional text information).

Status code overview

Success codes - No error

Status CodeShortDescription
200OKRequest processed successfully
201CREATEDRequest processed successfully and created an instance
204NO CONTENTRequest processed successfully, no body returned
301MOVED PERMANENTLYPermanent redirect
302/307MOVED TEMPORARILYTemporarily redirect

Error codes - Client side

Status CodeShortDescription
400BAD REQUESTIssue with input data/validation
401UNAUTHORIZEDAuthentication related issue
403FORBIDDENInsufficient permissions
404NOT FOUNDPage does not exist
406CONFLICTKnown API error
429TOO MANY REQUESTSRequest throttled

Error codes - Server side

Status CodeShortDescription
500SERVER ERRORServer side issue
502BAD GATEWAYRouting issue
504GATEWAY TIMEOUTRequest timeout

Standard API errors

4xx errors

4xx errors are errors caused by the client side. The server will usually respond with a content body explaining in detail what went wrong with this request. These errors need to be handled on the client side by a manual review process or automatically by having a system in place that mitigates specific situations.

If a 400 is thrown, your request was not processed fully by the Scantrust API and needs to be resubmitted with changes applied.


A very common status that indicates the client has sent bad data.

  • Invalid format (e.g. missing fields that are required, ...)
  • Validations we have put in place for the expected data failed (e.g. an invalid object is referenced)
  • Invalid data type (e.g. strings instead of integers, wrong date formats, ...)

Example of a standard validation error response:

"brand": [
"Brand is required."
"name": [
"Description must be at least 10 characters"
"sku": [
"SKU must be unique"


The user is either not logged in, or the authorization token has not been sent or is invalid. This usually indicates there is something wrong with the login process.


User is logged in, but their account's role does not allow them to call this api - i.e. they don't have permissions.


The URL you requested does not exist. In some cases, the identifier of the object requested will be a part of the URL. A 404 can then be thrown if a specific requested object is not available in the current context as well (e.g. when dealing with multiple companies).


This error is generally used when the application needs to know a specific error (such as a query timeout) occurred, and already knows how to respond to it.

"error_code": "8000",
"error_message": "SQL Timeout"


Our rate limiting was triggered. If hitting this limit, you are most likely implementing something incorrectly. More information about rate limits can be found here API Rate Limits.

5xx errors

A server side issue occurred. These issues can not be fixed by the client and should be reported to Scantrust support. Any request sent will have to be processed again later so you should always log and retry later in this case.