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QR Generator


The Scantrust Offline QR Generator is used by Printing Partners to generate QR codes for high-volume work-orders.

For code-volumes over 120,000 codes, the system stops generating images (due to space constraints) and we advise clients to generate their codes using the QR code generator.

For more information or a quotation, please contact sales

Download Code Generator for your Operating System:

How it Works

QR Generator will generate ALL codes into the codes/ directory, separated into sub-folders. It will also generate files.csv which maps the generated codes to their serial numbers.

If you are using a terminal to manually run the generator, it can be placed anywhere on the system and then run when inside this directory.

Steps to Run

  • Download codes from Work Order page on Scantrust Portal.
  • Unzip codes/ folder
  • Download QR Generator
  • Unzip QR Generator and place generator file in the codes/ folder that contains the following files
    • codes.csv
    • manifest.json
    • secure_graphic.tiff for secure graphic orders
  • Double click generator to run