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Image Sync

This tool is used to synchronize product images to the Scantrust system. The tool will upload local images to the server based on a CSV file.


Use a pre-compiled version:

Download Image Sync for your Operating System:

Scantrust system requirements:

  • An active user/UAT with sufficient rights to alter products
  • CSV with products and images in the right format to upload

CSV Format

Required CSV headers are:

  • sku The SKU of the product

  • image The image to upload for the product (assumes the images are in the current directory)

    sku,image SKU1,my_img.jpeg SKU2,my_img_2.jpeg

Note: Max image size = 10MB

All additional fields will be ignored by the API.


Run this tool in your terminal/cmd with sufficient rights. For optimal usage, add the tool to your user path variables.

$ ./image_sync my_products.csv --token your_uat_token

This tool can be ran using a UAT token (recommended) which is obtained from the Scantrust portal under you user settings. The tool also supports regular user/password authentication and will prompt for this if no token is given.

Optional Parameters


The Scantrust server domain. Defaults to


Your Scantrust account email


Your Scantrust password. If not specified you will be asked for input when running the script.


UAT token to login from the Scantrust portal. This token will take precedence over user/pass authentication.


Run the tool with extra output, handy to debug errors.


Custom logfile. Defaults to <csv file>.log


Prefix to use for image files e.g. images/ on mac or images\\ on windows. Used when images are in a different directory.