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Scantrust Enterprise


The Scantrust Enterprise App (STE) is the mobile app intended for professional users and as such requires a named user to log in. These users are created on the Scantrust Enterprise Portal, see documentation here.

There are three primary user-roles for the STE app:

  1. (Brand Owner Supply Chain User) to assign codes to products, aggregate codes to logistical units, activate/blacklist codes and set supply chain management fields such as production date, distributor, intended market etc.
  2. (Brand Owner Inspector User) who want to authenticate and verify scantrust codes out in the market and view product, activation status, aggregation and other data etc.
  3. (Printing Operators) perform equipment calibration, quality assurance during and after the printing of codes

The STE app is available for free from Google Play and Apple Appstore. For the latest version, visit our download page

Secure Graphic Support

All Scantrust Secure Codes (SSC) have a secure graphic which can be scanned with supported devices.

  • to see if your phone can scan the secure graphic, check the supported devices list for a detailed list of all supported devices.
  • if your phone is not supported, the STE app functions as a regular QR code reader.

The STE has an Authenticate menu item for this, as well as a Quick Scan feature for faster (non-secure graphic) scanning.

To scan the secure graphic, the STE uses the mobile SDK. For more information, read our SDK Documentation.


The portal has campaign settings which define the SCM fields for all codes in a campaign, as well as the aggregation options (logistical units). The STE app then calls the Scantrust Scan API and the SCM data Upload API. For more information about these APIs, visit our SCM API Documentation.

Firewall rules need to be setup to be able to access our REST API, For more information see the section about Network Access.

For Consumers

For consumer use we recommend the regular Scantrust App. For more information see the Scantrust App