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The Scantrust Scanning App is the mobile app intended for consumers who want to authenticate and verify scantrust codes. The app is available for free from Google Play and Apple Appstore. For the latest version, visit our download page

Secure Graphic Support

The secure graphic which is present on most Scantrust codes can be scanned with supported devices.

  • to see if your phone can scan the secure graphic, check the supported devices list for a detailed list of all supported devices.
  • if your phone is not supported, the app functions as a regular QR code reader.

Branded Versions

The ST App also serves as the reference implementation for the Scantrust Software Development Kit (SDK). There are already a number of branded ST Apps out there which have been customized in many different ways to suit the different needs of brand owners. Examples of customizations are:

  • enhanced security (blocking other codes)
  • augmented reality (overlaying the scan-results with additional information)
  • loyalty programs (linking each code to points and rewards) etc.

For more information about the SDK, visit our SDK Documentation.

The app calls the Scantrust Scan Endpoint API, which then redirects the user to the Consumer Landing Pages The portal has campaign settings which decide on the behaviour of the app after the endpoint returns the result.

For Pro-users

For professional use within the supply-chain, Scantrust offers the Scantrust Enterprise App, which requires a username and password before it can be used. For more information see the Scantrust Enterprise App