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scantrust portal1.1129-04-2024

e-label Management Tool v 1.11


  • Added default enabling of allergens with the option for users to disable them.

  • Added default values for organic acid and polyols in the energy calculator section. Users can now remove or replace these values as necessary. The default values are 6 grams per liter for polyols and 7 grams per liter for organic acid. This enhancement applies specifically to Wine and Aromatized Wine templates.

  • Added default selection of all three pictograms (Drink & Drive, Underage, Pregnancy), with the option for users to deselect them. These new pictograms will be applied to all e-labels, excluding Remy Cointreau. However, this default selection is only applicable to new e-labels; for existing e-labels, the pictograms will not be turned on automatically. This change specifically affects Wine and Aromatized wine templates.

  • Replaced the '' label with the 'Wine in Moderation' logo. The 'Wine in Moderation' logo is now pre-selected by default and can be deselected by users. This change is specific to Wine and Aromatized wine templates, impacting both new and existing e-labels. The '' label remains unchanged on the Spirits template.
  • Added new messages on risk and responsible consumption:
  1. Message on alcohol risk: 'Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health'. This message is selected by default but can be deselected by users.

  2. Message on responsible consumption: 'Always drink in moderation'. This message will appear in all e-label responsible consumption sections and cannot be deselected by users.

Both new and old e-labels will be affected by these changes. These two messages are only applicable to Wine & Aromatized wine templates.

  • Removed the free text field for responsible consumption from the editor and landing page for all new e-labels. For existing e-labels, the field will remain if there is existing text. However, once the text is removed, the field and its translations will be deleted entirely. This change applies exclusively to the Wine & Aromatized wine template.

  • Added a '20-' logo specifically for the Spirit template.

  • Changed milligrams to lowercase instead of uppercase in the nutrition table on landing pages.