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scantrust portal1.23.120-04-2020


  • Adds new work order template

tap to know more about WO template

  • [Site Admin]STE UAT - allows STE users to create UAT tokens for common users
  • [Site Admin]Adds company & search filters to Work Order template and codes layout tabs
  • Adds alert message to printing partner select on wo blank page
  • Updates UI on Dashboard when no Campaigns are available


  • Fixes table style on Production report page
  • Fixes cosmetic issue with scm fields displayed on code track and trace page
  • Fix endpoint wo download serials
  • Fixes issue with dashboard - scan data update
  • Fixes back button on the code transfer page
  • Changed token key to id for profile
  • Changed requested_quantity to quantity for WO and Report page
  • Fixes issues with country as intended market on Map
  • Updates full country name for Intended markets
  • Fixes issue with values on the dashboard overview graph
  • Fixes cosmetic issue with filter on Site admin Calibration page
  • Updates portal mobile version