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scantrust portal1.22.021-02-2020

Features & Changes

  • Add UAT permissions to SCM user role
  • Adds alerts to scan hover info popup
  • Fixes SCM name in the Track and Trace sidebar
  • Fixes issue with recovering archived products with the same name
  • User-friendly error message for changes in Additional Campaign Data
  • Fixes UI issue with mobile responsive portal
  • Updates product selection to autocomplete and hides archived campaign for filters on Codes created page.
  • Fixes issue with drop down while generating codes when all substrates for an equipment are archived.
  • Fixes status issue for printed Work Order
  • Enables Enter to perform "Verify" for 2FA
  • Fixes issue with redirect to company Home page after register and sign in
  • Fix style on track and trace page
  • Fixes reload after edit user language preferred on profile page
  • Hide N/A from code info sidebar on track and trace page
  • Fixes card loading on brand, product and printing equipment pages
  • Fixes scan info update to be instant in 'Code Tracking Details' screen
  • Fixes brand and printing partner selector on work order duplicate page