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scantrust portalv1.18.117-01-19

Containing changes

  • Updates the "Authentication Tab" to “APPS” tab with option to enable/disable Range Scan
  • Does not allow Printing partners from changing work order information: Code application and Generate serial number, while generating a Work Order
  • Adds button for clear filter option for Activity Log and Work Orders.
  • Adds links on WorkOrder reference for listview in WorkOrder section
  • Updates text on User Activation Confirmation Pop-up
  • Updates code application type displayed for SID WorkOrder to “SIDs” from “No Authentication”
  • Fixes buttons on ‘Help Page’ to get to Help Center and to reach Contact Support Form
  • For a code in Campaign section fixes adding incorrect product via dropdown from 'Edit SCM data' window
  • Fixes display of Custom Region while adding Intended markets SCM field
  • Fixes display of archived Regions and Region groups
  • Fixes filter on Codes Created section to allow multiple filters to be applied
  • Removes archived products that were displayed in product list for codes Transfer Ownership
  • Fixes issues with STC Configurator: Promotion page, Slideshow page, Wechat follow page
  • Fixes UI bugs for Basic User Dashboard Learn More pop up
  • Displays hyphen "-" for Substrate field for "SID" code application Work Order
  • Fixes Cosmetic issue on Region Page (for German[DE])
  • Adds Product SKU details on Work Order section
  • Fixes issue with archived products for ownership transfer
  • Fixes issues with Scan Data displayed for specific timeframe
  • Fixes text “Consumer” to “Redirect” in Redirect tab
  • Fixes ‘No access’ user to not allow access the portal
  • Fixes issue with icons on Product card when Product name is long
  • Fixes issue with date on Map in Overview section