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scantrust portalv.1.18.013-11-18

Containing changes

  • Adds Transfer of Ownership by Reel feature
  • Adds new system user role Basic Dashboard User who can have access only to Dashboard Overview section
  • Adds new system user role Dashboard User who can access all sections of Dashboard:Overview,Maps and Scan Data
  • Add links to products in list view of campaigns
  • Option to create a Basic (default) STC for all new campaigns
  • Allow customization of the wechat follow page & slide show page
  • Changes the layout of the redirect options
  • User friendly mobile portal
  • Updated translations for Chinese, Dutch, German and French
  • Add link to Google Play and HuaWei app store for STE app
  • Adds redirect to Define Region group after creating region group
  • Renames "Consumer" tab to "Redirect" tab
  • Removes Google Analytics and GeoLocation option under Authentication tab for Campaign settings
  • Updates Portal Help Desk (Zendesk) link
  • Fixes discrepancies in User system Roles and Permissions
  • Fixes incorrect error message for adding user with already registered email
  • Fixes case sensitive codes lookup of a code under campaigns via serial or via extended id
  • Fixes validation error messages on ADD USER
  • Fixes open work order record under Products
  • Fixes Alerts page with very long names or email
  • Fixes some icons in WO's history
  • Fixes change of region name to be updated soon without refreshing page
  • Fixes Save on adding few categories to SmartLabel
  • Fixes Filters on Intended markets and clear filter
  • Fixes issues with saving filters when navigate back from Code tracking details
  • For scans from ST app ,scan details card on dashboard maps for SID code displays as ”Authentication” instead of "3rd Party lookup"
  • Fixes product reference when user add product before brand.
  • Fixes redirection on return to the same page after code tracking
  • Fixes number of scans is not displayed properly on the training page
  • Fixes issues for Wechat Follow Page and Slideshow Page
  • Fixes URL for parts of pages that show not secure warning message on browser
  • Fixes double scans on Dashboard when scanning codes using Facebook app
  • Fixes alignment of text in the table on Production Report
  • Fixes Top Country List in Dashboard Overview
  • Fixes pagination issues with “Go to Page’ on Codes Created, Dashboard and Bundles.
  • Fixes Incorrect country names
  • Fixes Production Report Issues
  • Fixes UI issues on Maps and Code Tracking details
  • [Site Admin] Fixes STC Lookup and SMS copy icon
  • [Site Admin] Adds copy icon for "Extended id" on Scan details tab
  • [Site Admin] For Codes Created tab, filter lists for product contains product name and SKU details
  • [ScanTrust SITE] Fixes Request a demo Form