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scantrust portal1.231-03-2023

e-label SaaS Portal v 1.2


End of trial

  • Free users can purchase any plan by the end of the trial period.

  • Paid users on trial have a 7 days grace period (until 7 April 2023) to pay for the paid plan that they have signed up for during the trial.

If they do not pay by 7 April 2023, they will be downgraded to Free and get to keep 3 recently created e-labels.

  • Paid users on trial can pay for the paid plan that they have signed up for, however, they cannot change the plan. They can change the plan by the end of the grace period. With that, they only see the checkout button for the plan that they have trial on.
  • Only paid users on trial will see a yellow banner that runs across the entire portal.

Added subscription flow (upgrade, downgrade, cancellation)

  • Users can upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription anytime.

  • The upgrade happens immediately. Downgrade & cancellation will only be effective by the end of the subscription period.

  • Subscription mechanism, please refer to this flow.

  • Users will be charged automatically by the end of the subscription. The users can cancel the subscription if they do not wish to be charged automatically.

Added payment gateway (Paddle)

  • Users are able to pay and purchase plans directly on the SaaS portal.

  • Users can purchase via credit card. We charge only EUR for payment.

  • There are 2 steps for payment: (1) Input your email, country and postal code; (2) Input your credit card information.