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scantrust portal1.028-02-2023

e-label SaaS Portal

e-label SaaS Portal is a lightweight portal to address the compliance needs for SME wine & spirit makers. It is also Scantrust's product-led growth initiative, in which the product is completely self-serve - customers register, use and purchase the product on their own. The product will act as a communication tool to capture leads for Sales or convert from free user to paid user..

  • Users sign up and automatically get 3 e-label Free Forever in their account.
  • The user who signs up is assigned an e-label user role.
  • All paid plans (Business 30/50/100 & Premium) are under Free Trial period until 31st March 2023.
  • All paid plans (Business 30/50/100 & Premium) have the same set of features, only the number of e-labels differs.
  • Free Forever plan customers are restricted to using machine translation and customizing e-label landing page (change logo, brand color, footer).
  • Users who are interested in the Enterprise plan can contact Sales via an embedded Hubspot form.
  • Product & e-label is a one-to-one relationship, which means you can generate only one e-label per product.
  • There is no limitation in the number of brands & products that can be created, however, the number of e-labels that can be generated is based on the plan that you signed up for.
  • The e-label QR codes are set to redirect to the e-label landing page. However, when the e-label is not published, the QR codes redirect to the company URL.
  • The user has to complete the flow of editing e-label data and generating QR code before downloading the code.
  • Download scan data feature and the number of scan users are not available for scan dashboard for the compliance with no tracking of user data.
  • Newly designed notification email templates.