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scantrust portal1.416-06-2023

e-label Management Tool v 1.4

  • Added new icons: champagne bottle, flute glass, coupe glass, wine glass.
  • Removed the allergies section (not required by the declaration).

  • Moved "Ingredients," "Recommended serving," and "Nutrition declaration" after product information. Moved "Geographical Indication" after the "Sustainability" section. Note: This change cannot be applied to existing products, and users will need to reselect the template.

  • Made "Recommended serving" optional.

  • Removed some alcohol risk icons.

  • The "per portion" column will only be displayed when the serving size is filled.

  • The nutrition table now displays the actual value of the portion instead of "per portion." For example, if the user fills the serving portion as "65ml," it will now be shown as "per 65ml."

  • Fields that are now marked as mandatory include: Ingredient list and Nutritional facts per 100 ml. While these mandatory fields do not prevent users from proceeding to the next step, they are clearly indicated on the UI.

  • Removed the highlighting of "This field is required" for other non-mandatory items.

  • Removed the "% vol." and blue dot from the landing page. They will only appear when alcohol per volume is filled in. If it is not filled in, they will disappear from the landing page and the preview.

  • Updated ingredient categories based on the delegated acts (please refer to "202306 Combined List" Scantrust Ingredient List).

  • In accordance with the delegated act, an option has been added to select and display either of the following two messages:

1) Bottled in a protective atmosphere

2) Bottling may happen in a protective atmosphere

  • In accordance with the delegated act, the presentation format for 'Acidity Regulator' and 'Stabiliser' in the ingredient list has been updated as follows:

1) 'Acidity Regulator' now includes Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, and/or Ingredient 3.

2) 'Stabiliser' now includes Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, and/or Ingredient 3.

  • The terms 'Triage liqueur' and 'Expedition liqueur' can now appear independently on the list or together with a list of ingredients enclosed in brackets.