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android scantrust enterprise2.2.216-08-2021

Features and Fixes

  • Allows the app to show country name instead of country code for intended market scm field on tasks scan result screen.

  • Adds a button "BACK TO SCAN" at the bottom of Quick Scan/ Authentication Result

  • Adds Product Image URL to the scan result. The link can be opened or copied.

  • Shows colored scan results for authentication/ quick scan (green / red / blue)

    • Red - all type of failures
    • Blue - Active Code or Query
    • Green - Genuine
  • Stores on demand scm upload history per user to Sentry. A popup triggers on the history screen by shaking the phone to let the user upload history.

  • Fixes crash due to KH (cambodia) language

  • Adds android bundle support for Google Playstore compliance

  • Adds Amplitude tracking

  • Updates minSdkVersion from 21 to 23, hence the minimum Android version required for the app is now 6.0.