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android scantrust1.6.324-01-2019

Containing changes

  • Adds new phones to supported phones Huawei Honor 10, Huawei P10, Oppo R9s
  • Updates icon to adaptive for Android 8+
  • Update urls from to and to
  • Adds permission to access IMEI number
  • Adds pop ups instead of tap to white screen to allow permissions on fresh install of app.
  • Adds back option to return to Authenticate screen from How to use page
  • Fixes message bubble on scan screen when QR code is no longer read
  • Fixes authentication timing after internet connection was available
  • Fixes issue to resolve phone cannot exit from power saving when scanning from close - distance
  • Fixes layout issue on scan result for regular code scan
  • Fixes issue for How to use page to not show Hamburger menu on fresh install of app