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android scantrust1.12.330-08-2021

Containing changes

In the ST app, when a user scans a ”regular QR Code”, we stop offering the possibility to be redirected to an external Web site.

We define ”regular QR Code” as one of the below cases:

  • Codes with unrecognized prefix
  • Code with correct ST prefix but malformed extended_id
  • Code with correct ST prefix, correct extended_id format but extended_id does not exist (404)

When the ST app scans one of these non-scantrust codes

  • A user receives below scan result response: NOT a trusted code! This item was NOT recognised and could be a fake or lead to a malicious website. If you suspect a counterfeit, please provide more details using the report link below.
  • This event will also be logged with the URL and other user details to the Amplitude System to determine the frequency and as storage for future reporting.

  • With the “REPORT” button, users can share this information to the Scantrust support team with a typeform questionnaire that includes

    • 3 Essential question (QR image upload, Product Name, Purchase location)
    • 3 voluntary additional questions (uploading pictures of the product front and back, any additional information the user wants to supply)
    • Voluntary contact information (Name and email address)
  • The following information will be passed to the typeform via hidden fields

    • Country
    • Language
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Source (if the location was based on IP or on GPS)
    • URL (that was scanned)
    • User ID
  • This information will be redirected to Zendesk for the Support team to review.

  • Any completed typeform submission will be sent to slack: #fake-url-reporting

  • Typeform is currently supported in 10 Languages:

    • English
    • Arabic (Typeform doesn’t support right to left, so it may be a bit messy with the questions - hopefully people will still get the gist)
    • Ukrainian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Chinese
    • Vietnamese
    • Russian NOTE: Additional Languages can be added if clients provide the translations

Demo video