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  • Allow sharing of custom SDK apps between companies (STE assistance required).

  • Allow SCM fields to be used as redirect targets.

  • Max Scan Count alert should ignore scans before code.activated_at.

  • Set the activated_at date when activating a work order on completion.

  • Added support for IPv6 when determining scan location.

Useful Updates

  • Updated e-label email translations.

  • Workorder API: Added product.brand.reference field.

  • Products API: Added the brand.reference field.

  • Dashboard API: Show "other" scans - last scan was 2015, should be no issue.

  • Dashboard API: Added location method (gps/ip/etc) to dashboard api.

  • Combined Scan Info API (STC): Added UTID field to help detect returning users.

Internal but Interesting

  • Enabled setting app version via headers (for video auth a/b testing).

  • Fixed generation of QR with content that reach the capacity limit.

  • Fixed the dash summary app to 'other' for unknown sdk apps.

Bug Fixes

  • Cut user agent string to max length.

  • Updated Locatioin.ip max_length=50 for IPv6.

  • Fixed broken processing of company ids in paddle alerts.

  • Added validated json field to prevent null values.

  • Fixed paddle alert processing of multipart/form-data posts.