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  • Added Code Ingestion Templates.

  • Rebranded e-label emails to U-label.

  • Allowed legacy companies access to scm/run/code/update/.

  • Marked inactive IngestionRecord stuck for more than 24 hours as cancelled.

  • Added an STC File admin.

  • Allowed STE users to set membership roles including elabel.

  • Updated SCM async range.

  • First SAML login for a company is admin overriding default role.


  • Increased max length of mobile app version.

  • Filtered by company when getting list of codes for workorder download.

  • Allowed ingestion mode for SID workorder templates.

  • Allowed product archiving for e-label role.

  • Mobile code lookup: Added extended ID and removed “exists” field.

  • Fixed a crash in mobile code lookup when code has no product.

  • Added mobile API v112 - new fields for mobile/code-lookup/ endpoint.

  • Added a remarks field to WO from template serializer.

  • Added SCM admin action for re-queue SCM transactions.

  • Allowed scm/run/code/update/ to set serial_number.

  • Fixed sample QR ordering.

  • Mobile code lookup: Added scan info to response.

  • Removed % sign support from GS1.

  • Removed control character restriction from SCM product values in bulk updater.

  • Allowed GS1 code paths in scm/set/code/ path.

  • Added a script to fix Remy failed code updates.

  • Allowed the removal of product and brand images.

  • Replaced the product dropdown list with a single link in workorder admin page.