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New Features

  • Improved code download generation.

  • Allowed SVG files to be used with QR Templates.

  • Added a base filter to more easily limit queries by company.

  • Collect auth code from various apps into authid.

  • Added WO Create from Template endpoints.

  • Improved RQ job failure handling.

  • Store known errors for Documents in doc.error_data.

  • Added SCM Rename Code API.

  • Added paddle event company fallback methods.

  • Use action-auto-release for the release.

  • Added Directory Sync Support.

  • Correctly set role when creating user from SSO.

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed device crashing on long headers & make columns not null.

  • Fixed crash in device creation with too long UA data.

  • Code search download - validate query string parameters.

  • (SSO) When checking login method, always lowercase company slug.

  • Added page_mode cursor to codes API.

  • Fixed authid module migrations to use correct table names.

  • Updated "ve" helper to take either kwargs or args, not both.

  • Allowed previously generated batches to be re-queued (but skipped).

  • Removed Secure Workflow.

  • Fixed cal-list-codes API slow query.

  • Allowed continuous-qa when creating secure workorders.

  • Added support for SSO and UAT tokens to data plans.

  • Added Integration API for Calzedonia: cal-list-codes.

  • Added "x-scantrust-device" in CORS allowed headers.