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Containing changes

  • Adds dpi field to QR Templates
  • Adds token resend endpoint
  • Adds field name to error in bulk updater
  • Updates generation library
  • Transition to core quality check
  • Mobile code lookup endpoint, including NFC/quickscan/serial
  • Fixes issue when scanning code with no product assigned
  • Update generation lib to 3.8
  • Adds STE tasks v4
  • Allows plan to be set in STE company create
  • Updates dependencies and add outdated checker
  • Adds code domains
  • Calculate UTID on request instead of storing in cookies
  • Increase the max upload size to 10mb by default, add environment setting
  • Raise ValidationError on XSS present in CharField
  • Fixes crash in codes api when product is null
  • Fixes wrong phases being closed on new phase creation
  • Adds company info to STC scan details endpoint
  • Adds missing info about photo-scan in scan review API
  • Adds scm-data to the mobile code lookup endpoint
  • Ensure code default prefix is always lower case
  • Unify scan creation
  • Fixes crash in product url generator when falling back on company