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New Features

  • Add workorder deletion task + django admin action
  • Rename all occurances of client to company
  • Add interface properties to plan & contracts
  • Add content-security-policy to responses
  • Improve user tokens, limit usage to 1 and max_age
  • Remove unused / undertilized roles & permissions
  • Improve forgot password view
  • Photo Scan & Authentication
  • Add STE tasks v3

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fix display issue with "fixedwidth" admin text helper
  • Update default content policy to work with our admin
  • Return 204 - no content on forgot password requests
  • Require that photoscan images are JPEG format
  • Consolidate all public scaning functionality into scan module
  • Fix typo in photoscan settings
  • Check scopes (api vs 2fa setup) for tokens in querystring (P2.6.2)
  • Fix admin permissions check on ste/users/ endpoint (P2.6.1)