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New Features

  • Add new SaaS registration views, emails and role
  • Add mobile v111 with support for "skipped" training status
  • Add default cache headers (disabling caching) to all requests by default
  • Add endpoint to skip QA & Training for SSC workorders
  • Add "application_name" to connections for easier debugging
  • Update base template (404,500,etc) to remove old libraries
  • Async Update : Support Workorder ID or Reference as a constraint
  • Add request logging with Logstash
  • Dashboard users can view products, Scm Manager can view codes
  • Add 'untrained' scan flag and STE scans 'reason' filter
  • Products - allow brand.reference, remove old fields, standarize /sync/
  • Add additional filtering to brand endpoints
  • Remove Device IMEI

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fix STE training endpoint links to include necessary url parameters
  • Restore api method brand/:id/archive-all-products/
  • Improve auto-documentation for workorder creation
  • Allow brand_id as an alias for brand when editing a product
  • Fix typo error when calling 51 degrees
  • Remove deprecated method brand/:id/archive-all-products/
  • Fix potential crashes when handling old (v1) code types
  • Disable throttling on the /alive/ endpoint