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New Features

  • Allow a large number of scm fields (1K) and length (5k)
  • Search for all uses of uses of a constraint/key when no value given
  • Set SID workorders to status 'trained' by default
  • Add EPAC prefix and alert STE email
  • Update dependencies, add boto3-stubs
  • Return a success response to the api root instead of a 404
  • Only show ios/android/other in dashboard summary OS rollup
  • Allow editing of quantity by printing partners
  • Add list of codes to scm transaction routes
  • Add timeframe filter to scm transaction list

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Handle device detection issues due to vendor api changes
  • Add additional fields to scm transaction views, for use by UI
  • Remove unused mobile/scm-transactions/ endpoints
  • Fix STE throttle limit