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New Features

  • Remove bundle stats calculations
  • Allow product id or sku when creating a workorder
  • add option to filter WOs by state
  • Update 51degrees device detection and add is_crawler to Device
  • Update bot classifier to include iMessage, Whatsapp, Skype
  • Add blacklist_reason & workorder_id to codes download
  • Add custom 1bit tiff generator to work around pillow issues
  • Add secure_graphic.tiff to more downloads
  • Upgrade to django 3.1.3
  • Add url prefix to mobile workorder endpoint
  • Add declined state for Calibration Sessions and update email

Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Require workorder quantity greater than 0, less than 5M
  • Standardize code prefix & style handling
  • Upgrade django-otp to work with django 3
  • Fix issue with QR message always being converted to uppercase
  • Add missing roles to constants
  • Fix roles and permissions
  • Update auto-documenation library to support new drf & django
  • Wrap encoded parameters in except block
  • Remove unnecessary future imports and -*-coding directives
  • Use functools.partial instead of django helper (removed in v3)
  • Add missing expired verb for document cleanup task
  • Fix invalid error logging command in stc tasks
  • fix missing authentication_data on offline scans on scan review endpoint
  • Enable auth tokens for WO editor role
  • Set cookies to be https only where possible, utid is lax
  • Make codegen status editable in django admin