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Getting Started


  1. Scanning SDK
  2. UI lib - for the scanning sdk
  3. API lib - for the calls to the Scantrust server


The libraries are hosted on a private Maven repository and their use is restricted to client companies. They come as regular build dependencies.

Setup your credentials

For security reasons and in order to not have to change your build.gradle when working with other people, we recommend that you keep your repository credentials in the of your USER_HOME/.gradle folder.


Please take note of the fact that your username and password should not be surrounded by any quotation marks.

Add a maven repository

The private repo needs to be added to gradle repositories


repositories {
maven {
url ""
credentials {
username = "${st_repo_username}"
password = "${st_repo_password}"

Add the desired dependencies

dependencies {
implementation "com.scantrust.consumer:name:x.y.z"