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Update GPS Location after scan


This endpoint updates the GPS Location of the user after the user Opts in to share their location.

Sending the scan-position gives brands insight into where the scans originate and allows for targeting specific areas with promotions etc. For this to be accurate, the consumer would have to allow the web-page to access the location. If this is NOT allowed, the system will default to IP Geolocation, which can be inaccurate depending on the type of internet connection used by the consumer.

This endpoint can be called as soon as the scan_id is available and will mark the scan on the Dashboard.

The landing page needs to collect the Lat/Lng location and pass it in.

POST: /api/v2/consumer/scan/{scan_id}/geotag/

Body Parameters POST (application/json)

lat: <Float>, /*Latitude*/
lng: <Float>, /*Longitude*/

Expected response: Response (200): Status OK