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Serial Number Lookup

As part of a Scantrust consumer page or custom landing page, a serial number lookup feature can be added. When doing so, a scan will be generated for each serial number query, regardless of a match with a code.

Serial number lookups that match with a code serial number, will show up in your dashboard with the correct product and code information.

Serial number lookups that don't match any code in the campaign, will still show up as scans but will have no related code.


  • Access to a Scantrust brand company
  • Understand how Scantrust consumer features work (documentation)
  • An existing campaign with a code added to it
  • A campaign_key to be sent as X-ScanTrust-Consumer-Api-Key header

Serial Number Lookup API

This API will create a scan based on a given serial number.

This API is campaign specific and will only lookup codes belonging to the current campaign (based on X-ScanTrust-Consumer-Api-Key).

If you are calling this from a backend server, the request is similar to a proxy request and requires the same headers to be set. See proxying.

POST /api/v2/consumer/find/

Request Headers

X-ScanTrust-Consumer-Api-KeyString (Required)The Scantrust campaign key
User-AgentString (Required if backend call)See proxying.
forwardedString (Required if backend call)See proxying.

POST Fields

Fields to be posted as JSON web request.

serial_numberString (required)The serial number provided by the user

Response Codes

200 OK

Code found and scan created.

API Response:

"qr": "Code QR Message",
"scan_id": "Scan UUID (can be used for lookups)",
"region": "Detected region",
"url": "redirect URL"


Code was not found based on serial number within the campaign.

Scan created for campaign without code relation.

Other Response Codes

See error handling documentation.


By performing a POST to the /api/v2/consumer/find/ endpoint, providing a serial_number, a scan will be created under the related campaign regardless if the lookup was found or not. The scan will be classified as serial lookup and will be related to a code if found within your campaign scope.

If calling from a backend/proxy server, see proxying to set the appropriate headers on your requests.