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Lookup Code Info


If you want to get the code informations but only have access to QR Code URL you can retrieve the information as follow:

  • Extract the extended_id from the URL. A standard code URL will look like this:{extended_id}

  • Example:

    QR Code URL:

    Extended ID is: 560AC5E52101I918149054B258CC1

  • Use that extended_id and call the below endpoint

GET: /api/v2/consumer/{extended_id}/details/

Response (404): Not found

If the extended_id does not exist or cannot be found within the campaign, the api will return a 404.

Response (200): Status OK

"product": {
"id": 95,
"name": "Château Collotype",
"image": "",
"description": "Tamper-evident label",
"sku": "COL-75ML",
"client_url": ""
"brand": {
"id": 15,
"name": "Winery Collotype",
"description": "This is a test brand.",
"image": ""
"qrcode": {
"message": "560AC5E52101I918149054B258CC1",
"creation_date": "2015-08-26T12:24:40.139076Z",
"serial_number": "21F29SAL",
"is_blacklisted": false,
"activation_status": "active",
"blacklist_reason": "none",
"is_consumed": false
"scm_data": [
"name": "Production Date",
"key": "production_date",
"position": 0,
"type": "date",
"value": "January 1, 2015"
"name": "Sell-by Date",
"key": "sell_by_date",
"position": 1,
"type": "date",
"value": "April 15, 2019"
"name": "Port of Entry",
"key": "entry_port",
"position": 2,
"type": "text",
"value": "Venice"
"name": "Intended Markets",
"key": "intended_market",
"position": 3,
"type": "list",
"value": "Italy"
"name": "Distributor",
"key": "distributor",
"position": 4,
"type": "text",
"value": ""
"scan_count": 1